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We are open for Teletherapy!!


What is it? Teletherapy is videoconferencing, like Skype, except it uses a HIPAA compliant platform to ensure confidentiality.  Your therapist will send you a meeting invitation to your email or even your cell phone. You just click on the link, and your therapist will be on the other end, ready to see you as usual.

Some of us have offered Teletherapy services for a while now for our out of-town clients, or those with transportation or childcare issues.  Those of us that have used it are used to this method and find it effective and useful.

You can easily continue your mental health services with no disruption if you opt for Teletherapy, and you will have a very similar experience to your in-person sessions.

Does it work as well as in-person sessions?  Yes. Teletherapy has been available in counseling for years. Multiple studies over these years have found that in broad use, it is just as effective as in-person sessions in terms of symptom reduction, especially when the therapist and client already know each other from in-person settings.  

What we experience personally is that some clients (and some therapists), miss the in-person connection and would prefer to have that. However, we all agree that the Teletherapy is much better than no session at all, and that clients absolutely make progress with this method to achieve their goals.

How do I start Teletherapy? You can do that a number of different ways.

Will my insurance cover it? Most insurances are now covering the cost of teletherapy.  If you are concerned about coverage, contact your insurance company to verify your benefits. 

Cancelation Fees:  While New Outlook Counseling has a policy surrounding no shows and cancelations, we are allowing our clinicians to determine if a fee will be administered so please consult with you therapist.  Remember, your appointment is a reservation of time for you to receive your therapy session.  If you are unable to keep that reservation you need to contact our office so we can meet someone else’s need for services. 

How do I start?

It’s easy and free:

          We prefer to use the HIPAA compliant program Vsee as our platform but HIPAA regulations have been relaxed for teletherapy. We can now use any platform you prefer.  If you would like to use an alternative platform than Vsee, please let your clinician know so that they can become familiar with it before your appointment. 

          To start, please sign the Teletherapy Consent form you will find on our website under forms.

          If you are using Vsee go to https://my.vsee.com/download  or your app store on your phone for Google Duo. 

          Download the free software.


        Using your email address, set up and account with VSee. Your clinician will send you an invite.  Once Vsee is downloaded they will show up in your new contacts.


          At the time of your appointment, your clinician will initiate the session.  When you see them and this screen, click on the green Accept button.


Please make sure you test Vsee out prior to your session by clicking the “test call” selection in the contacts.  This will verify that Vsee is working for you and allow you to check your microphone and speaker settings prior to your session.  We also encourage the use of headphones, they can help eliminate outside distractions. 

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